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Colletotrichum Secondary Leaf Fall

This disease is caused by fungus known as Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. Leaves are most susceptible during the period of budburst and for about ten days thereafter. In older leaves, the leaf margins, particularly the tips, are shriveled, but they are covered with small spots with narrow brown margins surrounded by yellow halos a millimeter or more in width. As the leaves become older, the spots become slightly raised. This disease may also cause dieback of green shoots. Susceptible clones are PB 28/59, PB 235, PM 10, BPM 24, RRIM 712, RRIM 728, RRIM 937, RRIM 2005 and RRIM 2026.

Satisfactory control of this disease in the nurseries or shorter immature planting can be achieved using fungicide chlorothalonil and propined such as Daconil and Antracol respectively at 0.2% in water using a knapsack sprayer or a back-pack power mist blower. Chemical treatment for mature rubber is not economical, except for very severe outbreak. It is recommended to avoid planting of susceptible clones in areas prone to the disease.

Fungicide/pesticide A x%, B x % + MVM KINETIC 0.015 - 0.05%.

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